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Facebook is a social networking site that first launched in 2006. It is the most popular social media site worldwide with almost 3 billion monthly active users. Facebook is a great way to post status updates, images, and videos, and to connect with family and friends. For ease and accessibility, Facebook can’t be beat.

    Facebook Definitions

    Profile: Your Facebook profile tells the world about you. It can contain your name, photo, occupation, education, and more. You can use Facebook privacy settings to limit who can see your profile or limit information from public view.

    Newsfeed: This is usually the first thing you see when you log in to Facebook. This is the place where your friends’ posts will appear. If you follow a business’ page, you’ll see their updates here as well. Your posts will appear in the newsfeed so your friends can see them.

    Timeline: The timeline is different than your newsfeed. Your newsfeed will show your friends’ posts and posts from businesses you follow. Your timeline only shows the posts you’ve created, the posts you’ve interacted with, and the posts from friends that you’re tagged in. If someone clicks on your profile they will see your timeline unless you’ve set your privacy settings to limit this.

    Friends: A friend is someone you’re connected to on Facebook. A friend request starts the process of ‘friending’.

    Groups: A group is a community of users with similar interests. A group is run by one or several group admins. A group can be public or private and can even be kept hidden from public view.

    Pages: Businesses have pages, not profiles, to post updates, images, and videos. You can like a business’ Facebook page in order to see updates from them.

    Notifications: The bell icon informs you when a friend engages on your post or if a group you belong to posts an update. You’ll also see friend requests here.

    Facebook Video Tutorials
    *Click on the white box in the right
    corner of the video to see full screen* 

    How To Create a Facebook Post

    How To Create a Facebook Group

    How To Join a Facebook Group

    How To Respond to a Facebook Post

    How To Find Friends on Facebook

    How To Adjust Your Privacy Settings on Facebook

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