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Instagram is the second most popular social media platform for seniors 55 and older. Instagram focuses on photo and video sharing via its mobile app. Followers can interact with your images via likes, comments, shares, and saves.

    Instagram Definitions

    Instagram Handle: This is another term for your username and appears at the top of your profile in black lettering. You will create your username when you sign up for Instagram. Most users use their first and last name to create their username, such as janedoe for Jane Doe. However, your username does not have to relate to your actual name. If someone really likes ballet, they can use balletlover as their username.  

    Newsfeed: This is your home screen, where you can view posts from people you follow. When you open Instagram, you will automatically see your newsfeed. If you go to another section of Instagram and want to return to your newsfeed, simply tap on the house icon in the bottom left corner of the app.

    Direct Message: This is a private message between two people or a group of people. You can send a message to someone you follow and your conversation cannot be seen by anyone else on Instagram.


    Notifications: These are alerts that let you know of new activity on your account. Notifications let you know how many likes or comments your posts have received or if you have a direct message from someone.


    Hashtags: This is a word or phrase with the # symbol placed in front, making it searchable. You create a hashtag by typing the pound symbol (#) and then adding a word or phrase immediately after with no spaces. For example: #grandma

    Stories: These are 24 hour posts found at the top of your Instagram newsfeed. Stories can be pictures or videos. Unless you save them, these posts will disappear after 24 hours.

    Highlights: If you follow a business or Instagram influencer, there will usually be a section called highlights where they've saved photos and videos for easy access by their followers. To access the highlights, click on their profile and locate the named highlights under the "Follow" button. When you click on a highlighted circle, you'll be able to access the photos and videos stored there.

    Instagram Video Tutorials
    *Click on the white box in the right
    corner of the video to see full screen* 

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