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Hi! My name is Claire Taliaferro and I created this website for my Gold Award Project.

A Gold Award is the highest award that can be earned in Girl Scouting, involving an 80+ hour community service project.

My Gold Award project aims to help seniors learn and use technology effectively so they can connect better with others in this digital age.

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Project Overview


I built a website that features how to videos and step-by-step directions for popular social media site features and general smartphone use. I also describe simple 'tech tips' that help seniors use their phones more effectively.


I organized technology workshops for retirement communities and other senior groups where I taught seniors how to use digital tools to connect with others.

Measurable Impact

Before and after each workshop, I administered a survey measuring participant knowledge and proficiency with different technology skills. I know that my project accomplished its goals because:

On average, 76% of workshop participants reported feeling very confident using their smartphone after attending the workshop as compared to only 26% of pre-workshop participants.

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